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A Witch in Mountain [A Short Story]

Dawn was beginning to turn from grey to orange at the approach of the sun. Birds were coming out of their nests and starting to sing sweet songs for this lovely morning. Little animals and insects were also making noise declaring that day was finally up. The fog was clearing up as the first rays […]

The Road [A Short Story]

It was half-past ten and Michael was finally going to his home after a long evening at work. He was driving his car though he bought it as a second-hand car but it was in good shape and still had low mileage. He was feeling sleepy, he wished if he had an apartment in the […]

3 Simple Habits That You Should Follow Everyday

In this fast forward world, It is difficult to maintain good habits whereas you can get easily into bad habits. We also don’t get time to work on self-improvement as lots of time gets spent on jobs and schools. And when we get time on holiday we probably spent on binge-watching series on Netflix. Habits […]