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the long walk

Book Review: On Writing By Stephen King

“Just remember that Dumbo didn’t need the feather; the magic was in him.” So finally I completed my favourite author’s memoir. Well, technically it was a small memoir and writing guide. It isn’t a normal memoir, because King only tells us some snapshots of his life in half of the book and later half is […]

Book Review: Atheism: A Very Short Introduction by Julian Baggini

“If we pretend or imagine that life’s purpose lies outside living itself, we will be searching the stars for what is underneath our feet all the time.” Oxford University Press has short introductions book series. Where every book gives you a short introduction to a specific topic. There are many others books like this which […]

Cyclone [Random Diaries #1]

On Tuesday morning, I woke up with thunderstorms and lighting. I sat up on the bed, then walk towards the window and open the curtains. The outside wind was blowing with high speed, along with there the rain was pouring in strongly. I went to the bathroom, brush my teeth and put some clothes on. […]