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Book Review: The Long Walk By Stephen King

The longer you went without speaking, the harder it gets to break the silence.

In this book, Stephen King tells a story about a boy Ray Garraty who joined a contest called Long Walk along with other 100 boys. The winner will be awarded whatever he wants for his entire life. In this contest, everyone has to walk at a pace of four miles per hour without stopping. If someone slows down he gets a warning. After collecting three warnings, if he slows down, he is out of the game and shoots down by soldiers. The last one standing is the winner of the contest.

I really enjoyed The long walk. It’s one of the best book by Stephen King that I have read. King captures near-death experiences very well. It shows how boys emotions and thoughts change as they realized they got closer to end their life. There is a kind of mystery about the main character Ray Garraty and other players why they join this dangerous race.

This book is nicely written and loved it. If you like psychological horror and dark story. You should definitely read this. It was a page-turner which kept me interested in the book till the end.

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