Authors I am going to read in 2021

Hey guys, Last year was worst and disastrous due to corona pandemic. On the bright side, It was kind of good for me too as I get to spend the entire sitting in the house, reading a lot of books and I got time to start my blog. Last year I nearly read 61 books. All of which were amazing. You can check the entire list on my Goodreads account.

 As the new year is started and I want again to read more amazing books. It’s like I can’t be at rest without having a book at hand. I am planning to read at least 50 books this year.  In this post I am going to share with you, some of the authors whose books I am going to read. 

  1. Frank Herbert

Dune movie is coming out at end of this year. I watched the trailer and was mesmerized by it. It looks so awesome. I don’t know anything about dune except that it was the inspiration for star wars. I can’t wait a whole year to find out this story so I am going to start reading this book first. I am eager to find out this new universe.

  1. Stephen King

Stephen king is my number one favourite author. His novels and stories always intriguing to me. His writing and imagination are great.  I have read so many books by Stephen King and probably want to read more. For the start of this year, I am going to focus on Misery and Insomnia. Misery is about some writer who gets kidnapped by his fan and insomnia is as the title suggest the story of a guy who can’t sleep and later starts seeing horrible things happening to a town he lives. Maybe later read another of his books.

  1.  Neil Gaiman

Recently I read Smoke and Mirrors its short story collection by Neil Gaiman. His fantasy stories are amazing. He can turn simple situations into a magical one. I am going to read two more of his books this year which are Neverwhere and American Gods. The good thing about these books is its stand-alone novels so I don’t have to worry about the next book. Both are fantasy novel set in modern times.

  1. George R. R. Martin

I loved the Song of Ice and Fire series. After the grand failure of GOT season 8. I was disappointed that I didn’t get the proper story from my favourite characters. So last year, I thought about starting this series. It’s worth it to read books even if you have watched tv series. It goes so much in-depth about mythology and characters. I have read 3 books now yet. First 2 books were kind similar to tv series but from 3rd books, the story gets different and a little more magical in the books. I am looking forward to reading more books from this author in this year.

  1. Douglas Adams

The Hitchhiker Guide to Galaxy series by Douglas Adams is my one of the most favourite science fiction aeries. This book series is very funny. First 3 books were amazing. But then I stopped for some reason and then I didn’t read the rest of the books. Now I wished I would complete at least 2 or more books this year.

  1. Jules Verne

I love reading Jules Verne books. It like going on tour or some kind of grand journey where you get to visit a lot of places with lots of cool rides like balloon, submarine and ships that can reach up to the north pole. During the lockdown, I haven’t travel much maybe with his books. I can get to travel to different places.

  1.  Lois McMaster Bujold

And then there is a new series I started last year called Vorkosigan saga.  Which I think this series also kind of popular in the sci-fi genre. The first book was good. It was like star trek or something with lots of planets and technology. I looking forward to the next book. This might be also good. I also want to read science fiction this year.

  1. Kurt Vonnegut Jr.

I read Cat’s Cradle novel by Kurt Vonnegut last month. Kurt’s writing is unique. He writes short sentences and short chapter which makes you want to just keep on reading. English is quite simple in this book which makes it easy to read. While writing is great, the story was also great with satire and humour. It was different from other books I have read. I want to read more of his books.

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