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Book Review: The Gunslinger by Stephen King

“The man in black fled across the desert, and the gunslinger followed.”

The gunslinger is the first novel in the dark tower series. The novel is set in a fictional world, kind of similar to our world, its about journey of Roland Deschain of Gilead, who is gunslinger, who goes from a place to another place in search of Man in Black. Along this journey, He met a boy named  Jake Chambers who seems has come from another world.

The story starts like in the middle of the story where you don’t know about Roland and his world and why is after this man called a Man in Black. Which is kind of interesting as a story continues we get some flashback and backstory from Roland, as he moved along with his journey. It’s like we are going on a journey with him to find out more about this The Dark Tower and Man in Black.

I have read many fantasy novels in which mostly weapon is sword, arrow or magic. What I liked about this is that in this fantasy novel with magic and monsters, we have a protagonist with guns. Then there is this world which kind of similar to our world in current time but its kind of post-apocalypse world which Roland says like “world has moved on”. So to us, Roland is most like a man who is nothing to interested in anything other than his quest to a man in black. Things little change as he meets Jake Chambers. You get like many amazing things packed in this series.

If you like dark fantasy with western style with guns and monsters you should check out this book. Stephen King says in the preface that The dark tower is like long novel or story written or divided into small books. As this is the first book in series there are of things which you might not get it or like it. Or as you may not see the full picture of this story. But the story does get better as you read other books in series. Have you read the Gunslinger? Did you like it?

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