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Book Review: A Reason to Live By Matthew Iden

“A thing you never expected, could not have predicted, suddenly becomes the foremost event in your life and no amount of wishing it away will work.”

This story is about Marty Singer, A dc homicide detective, who take early retirement to battle against cancer. Twenty years before a cop killed a woman, and Marty watched him go as a free man from the courtroom. Now her daughter has come to him for help as someone is stalking her. And Marty Singer tries to help her as a chance to redemption.

I love detective stories and novels. I loved how they figure out the cause and solve difficult problems. And I thought this was just like another detective novel. But what here different from others detective stories is  I liked about Marty Singer is not like Sherlock Holmes or Hercule Poirot or, who are great at catching criminals, fighting enemy, solving crime but in here Marty is old, retired due to cancer so it’s interesting to read as along with fighting enemies he has to fight has to cancer too. And how this gives him various problems in the investigation. That he is has suffered like a normal ill man during the investigation. So here we get to see along with good detective how vulnerable and old guy try to fight bad guys and solve crimes.

The story is nicely written. It hooks you from start and you want to read page and page to find out the mystery. And it very good suspense and thriller novel. This is a great novel to start up detective series. If you want good detective novel you should read this.

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