5 Subreddits Every Book Lovers Should Follow

Hey guys, In this post I am going to share 5 subreddits for book lovers. If you are on Reddit and avid reader. you would want to follow these subreddits. They have great book-related content on each of this subreddit.

If you are new to Reddit. Reddit is basically a community-determined social platform. On Reddit, users create communities called subreddit which are related to a specific topic where various users post content related to that community. So you can to see content related to various topics like books, sports, movies etc.

This more of general subreddit for books related content. Here you will find people starting discussions on books, authors, genres and publishing and more book-related issues. You can also subreddit share your thoughts on books you liked or not.

This sub reddit is mainly for book suggestions. In this subreddit, everyone asks suggestions for the next book they want to read. you love a certain book and want to Redditors similar to that book. You can post in this subreddit and fellow Redditors will give suggestions to which book you will like to read.

This subreddit is entirely about fantasy. If you like reading various types of fantasy books then you should definitely check this out. As this subreddit is about fantasy, it also covers fantasy movies and tv series. Here you find a discussion about various fantasy books, tv series, their characters and fantasy places.

Have you ever had this feeling? Where book which you read a long time ago, now you want to read it or suggest to a friend but you can’t remember what book title was. Well, this subreddit is exactly for that purpose. Here you can post anything that you remember about the book and people will tell what that book might be.

Do want to read many many ebooks? But don’t have money to buy every book and also you want to support the author so you don’t want to pirated books. Well in this subreddit every day you get many ebooks for free. All these are books genuinely free. If you want to read free ebooks you should definitely follow this sub.

So that’s it for this post. Thank you for reading.

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