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Book Review: The Girl With Seven Names by Hyeonseo Lee

“I hope you remember that if you encounter an obstacle on the road, don’t think of it as an obstacle at all… think of it as a challenge to find a new path on the road less traveled.”

Hi guys, I saw Ted Talks by Hyeonseo Lee about her journey through North Korea to China and later South Korea. It was interesting, and then I found out in comments that she has written her memoir about this journey.  So I wanted to know more about her story and life in North Korea and her escape from North Korea to China and then later to South Korea. So I bought a book and started reading it.

 This book was quite intriguing, unique, and inspiring for me. A story about Hyeonseo Lee’s escape from North Korea is a little different from other north korean deflectors. As Hyeonseo Lee was born in a kind of wealthy family so she has already many things for her. So she didn’t lack most of the things in her life. In the early days of childhood, she didn’t see any bad things about her surrounding. But as she got older, even though schools or the government used to tell them that their country best in the world, she did use to see people who deprived of basic necessities, and how some people don’t get food to eat. Or sometimes how her family used to give money to poor relatives.

As she used to live near the Chinese border, out of curiosity she crossed china to find out about the outer world. But as rumors start around about her escape, now she can’t turn around as she and her family may face punishments that may involve imprisonment, torture, and possible public execution. And then on her new journey and struggle starts in a new country where she may be caught and deported to her own country. 

The author is very brave and inspiring though sometimes she does make some mistakes.  Writing is simple and easy to read. In most of every chapter, you found a new cliffhanger which gets revealed in the next chapter. So you want to read chapter after chapter. If you haven’t read any books about North Korea this is a great book to start. Also, I would recommend this book if you want to read a good memoir.

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Wow that seems like an interesting read. I love knowing about North Korea, and I have read Immanuel Kim’s book. And it was not what I expected at all. I must try this one to find the true version.

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