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Book Review: The Drawing Of The Three By Stephen King

“Control the things you can control, maggot. Let everything else take a flying fuck at you and if you must go down, go down with your guns blazing.”

Roland wakes up at the beach to find out that there is no sign of Man In Black. Don’t know where he did go? Roland starts to continue his journey to The Dark Tower. Along with the journey, he cames across three magic doors, which he has to go through and brought 3 people into his world. Which will accompany him to journey to The Dark Tower. Later these people will become part of his team.

This book reminds me of Fellowship of the ring which isn’t surprising as King himself said that Lord of the Rings was the main inspiration behind writing The Dark Tower series. The story follows along as we meet with each new character. This book is focused on getting to know these characters and their history. What I find interesting was that The Doors in this are a little different from the usual magic door from other fantasy books. And as Roland draws or brings each person from this door, we also get to see the history and their life story. About how they come to a current situation before bringing from Door. The new characters and their chemistry with Ronald is good. All the Doors opens at a different time with different worlds. There are a lot of adventures moments up to these all characters met and move along with the journey.

Although it is an interesting book to read, it is long as compared to the first novel. You really need to have a long free time to complete this book. Writing is very descriptive which is because of so much walking to another door.

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