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Book Review: Mostly Harmless By Douglas Adams

“He had a nasty feeling that that might be an idiotic thing to do, but he did it anyway, and sure enough it had turned out to be an idiotic thing to do. You live and learn. At any rate, you live.”

This is the fifth novel in Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy series. While travelling in hyperspace, an accident occurs, Arthur ship crashed on a remote Bob fearing planet. On this planet civilization is primitive. Here people are not that much advanced, here Arthur starts making a sandwich for him and the people in the village. But just as he starts enjoying life on this planet, terrible things start to appear , Arthur meets his daughter and of which he had no idea before and his old friend Ford perfect came back with his problems. And there is so much else going on the universe.

I like the hitchhiker guide of the galaxy series because of humorous writing. Characters are stupid and funny just like they were in previous books. The author makes simple conversations and situation funny. In this book, the author deals with parallel universes and problems or fun that comes around with them. Just like the previous book, this also has small chapters, I did finished chapters fast, and take break whenever I wanted.

I particularly liked the ending of the last book. It was satisfied maybe that’s why I didn’t like this book that much as This book seems a little odd from the rest of the books. It seems to me that this book isn’t good compared to the rest of the books. I was disappointed to follow find many of the characters from last didn’t appear in or involved in this story. In the end, the story seems short or simple but it takes a lot of time to actually get around it. Nevertheless, I did get a laugh while reading this book. Which was the main reason I started reading this book.


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