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Exam Hall [Short Story]

It must have been 5 or 10 minutes passed by, but to Arthur, it was like ages. He just sat there. He was looking at question paper and a blank sheet to left. He was thinking of nothing, just blank, what should he do? Questions were hard and mostly on topics that he didn’t study, thinking they won’t come tomorrow questions paper. But they had come, they were probably laughing at him and the worst part is that he was on the last bench in the class.

He looked at other students, they were also looked grievous, but they were writing, don’t know what but they were writing, but they were filling paper. He wished, yesterday he would not have gone to the party. It seemed at that time and he thought he would come room early and he would have enough time for study. Except it didn’t happen that way. In excitement, he has drunk too much and he got drunk. When he comes to the room at night. Well, he had come early to his room, but as soon as he came he wanted to vomit. He went to the toilet and vomited. He was totally exhausted after vomiting 2-3 times. He went to bed thinking he will take a quick nap and then study. Instead, he had to wake up on next morning. He had read as much as he comes to school but that wasn’t enough. As it was done in hurry he couldn’t remember also.

Now he doesn’t want to fail. He had to ask the next guy next to him, his friend Johnny whose teeth he had broken a month ago in a fight. Though it wasn’t his mistake. He had finished the fight as ruthlessly as he can. Now he had asked for his help. If he will help or not, that was another thing. He looks at his watch time was slipping. Finally, he thought for a minute and lean forward and whispered “Hey, Johnny”

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