Why? [Random Musings #1]

Why even when you work so hard you don’t get what you wanted, But some person gets something incredible even when he had done nothing for it.

Why even though you have friends and family, But you still feel lonely and sad time to time.

Why even though you are still 25 years old and having a job, but still feel like you are worthless and cant achieve anything.

Why even though you are loved by your family and your cats, still you don’t feel like living anymore.

Why even though you can do whatever you want, you feel like you don’t have control on your life.

Why even though you learn things, even if you’re bit slow learner, Yet you feel incompetent and weak


7 replies on “Why? [Random Musings #1]”

Achievement takes many different forms. One thing I know – turning your thoughts in towards yourself only brings pain. Life is about helping others – however you choose to do it. Help someone, do something for no motive or profit but the joy that you give.

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