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Book Review: Misery By Stephen King

“I am in trouble here. This woman is not right.”

Paul Sheldon, the best selling author had a car accident due to which both of his legs are broken. He is saved by his “Number one fan” Annie Wilkes who takes him to her house, to treat him good. But soon paul realised that there is more to it. When Annie find out that her favourite character is dead, in Paul’s novel. She threatened him to harm if he didn’t write a new novel for her and bring back her favourite character. Soon we will find out that Annie is not what she looks like.

This will be my one of the top 3 dark novels of Stephen king. Last time I was so excited and terrified when I was reading The Long Walk. Annie is such a complicated character a time you hate her for cruelty and like her for sharpness and cleverness or pity her for condition. Paul is also a good character. Who is a great writer, you feel so sad for him who is trapped with this psycho person. The thing I liked about Stephen King, the way he describes scenes and moments that you feel Paul’s pain and tension and fear for her. King has written fantastically about the encounter or confrontation between Paul and Annie. You can feel Paul’s terror and fear. It is exciting that when paul write a novel in a book. We also get to read a few chapters from that novel too. It like we get a story within the story.

Though the book is great, I am a little mixed about the ending. I thought the ending was going in one direction but then it didn’t. So I had a little mood off, but still, It was a totally enjoyable book to read. I love it. If you are a fan of the horror genre or Stephen king you should definitely read this book.

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