Short Stories Writing

Cyclone [Random Diaries #1]

On Tuesday morning, I woke up with thunderstorms and lighting. I sat up on the bed, then walk towards the window and open the curtains. The outside wind was blowing with high speed, along with there the rain was pouring in strongly. I went to the bathroom, brush my teeth and put some clothes on. Then I came into my room, take my phone from the table. Electricity has gone around midnight. I also forget to charge my phone yesterday, So It was 15% charged and there was no network on phone. I put the phone in my pants and went downstairs.

In the hall downstairs, there was water leaking somewhere on the floor. I went to a big window, where my family was looking through at destruction happening due to Cyclone. Even my cat was there looking outside the window probably disappointed that today she can’t go outside for hunting. Rain was pouring like there was no tomorrow. The wind was so fast that trees swaying, some seem to be broken. No one was on street no people or animals. While watching this, I watched a tree in front of our window and I had a funny thought, that what if some branch off, and fly through this window. If this storm continues like this I would probably get a holiday of 2-3 days from work. I sat on the sofa and open the kindle on phone. Book I was reading was great, but It was very long. The phone’s battery will die soon before I could finish half of the book. I wished I had a physical book then I wouldn’t have to worry about the battery. Still, I started reading while the storm got worse outside.

The next day, the storm has abated. Though there was little rain pouring. Sun has come out of clouds. A friend came over to my house inviting me to go look for what happened in town. When we went outside, other school friends joined in, who normally doesn’t meet each other due to work. We talked while we walked. The storm has caused lots of damage. Trees were broken and fallen in the streets. People were cutting it with an axe and making way for vehicles to pass through. Some electrical poles were bends or toppled over. It will take some time for electricity to came back on. The roof has blown over from some homes. People were putting it together. Slowly everything is coming to normal.


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