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Book Review: On Writing By Stephen King

Just remember that Dumbo didn’t need the feather; the magic was in him.”

So finally I completed my favourite author’s memoir. Well, technically it was a small memoir and writing guide. It isn’t a normal memoir, because King only tells us some snapshots of his life in half of the book and later half is focused on writing. 

I have read so many of his books, I wasn’t surprised to find out that King started writing stories from a very young age. And practically he is writing since his entire life. Even though it is not fully a memoir you may find many beautiful and funny scenes about Stephen king in this book. One thing I liked and find out is how his wife always there for him, supported him and encourage him for writing.

I guess every aspiring writer should read this book once. There is a lot of knowledge in this book about writing. As the author tells lots of things about writing. King has written more or less everything that comes with writing. From how to sit for writing to how the story needs to make. King cover most of these things. Well, mostly king tells these tips for fiction writer like how to write a story, narrative, plot, etc. But non-fiction writer could gain a lot from reading this book. 

I could say that a learn lot from this than courses on writing. To me, It also shows how much work and effort the writer has to go through to make stories and write the book and later published this books. Before that, I used to think that writer write a story just as we read them but the story we are reading goes through various process of plot, description, language and later editing of the story. Overall I loved this book.


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