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Book Review: Dragon Keeper By Robin Hobb

“That is true. I could not prevent what was done to me, nor can I change what people made of me. But I know what I am and have decided to continue being what I am.”

Dragon Keeper is the first book in Rain Chronicles. Rain Chronicles is sequel series to The Liveship Traders. It is better if you have read The Liveship Traders series first, as there are many references to previous books, the dragon keepers start by giving us an account of what happened in the last book and how serpents went into their cocoons.

Robin Hobb has a knack for great storytelling. It is a long book still I completed in merely 3-4 days. I spent the entire Saturday and Sunday reading this book. The author is an expert in writing characters so great, that you want to read and know more about them. As this is the first book in the series, the plot is slower but it gives focus on new characters and their stories. My current favourites are Thymera, a rain wild girl who is hardworking and wants to do great things and Leftrin, captain of a barge called ‘Tarman”. He is fun and witty. There are cameos of old characters from previous books, which tells what is happening to them at the current time but they aren’t part of the main story but it’s nice to visit them again. And they are dragons, lots of dragons.

This is much like the foundational book of the series. Where main characters are introduced and settings are established. I enjoyed it very well. If you are a fan of Robin Hobb you will definitely like this book.

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