Short Stories Writing

The Road [A Short Story]

It was half-past ten and Michael was finally going to his home after a long evening at work. He was driving his car though he bought it as a second-hand car but it was in good shape and still had low mileage. He was feeling sleepy, he wished if he had an apartment in the city. Nothing fancy but some small apartment with basic things will be fine. After being exhausted from work, he wants to take nap but for that, he has to drive one and half hours to his house and he also has to wake up early in the morning so he can reach the office in time. Due to morning traffic, he would wake up usually more early in the morning.

The highway was full of vehicles, most people probably going to their homes. They were all eager to go home. If there is some trouble or accident at the side of the road people won’t look and just drive on a highway. He gave the left turn signal and turned the car towards the road and leaving the highway behind. There weren’t many vehicles on this road. Michael relaxed in the car and saw the road ahead.

On the road, everything seems silent and in harmony. They were very few vehicles on this road. Also, they weren’t many houses or buildings on both sides of the roads. As Michael was driving, he saw on a sidewalk a girl in a white dress asking lift to cars passing by. He thought he should help her as roaming around here alone is quite dangerous. He stopped the car where she is and lower the passenger window. She came near the window and said, “Hey, could you give me a lift to my house, it is nearby. Just 10-15 minutes from here”

He said, “Yeah, okay. Get in”. She opened the door and sat on the seat next time him. He roll-up the window and got on the road again. She was wearing a white dress which came up to her knees, it has a nice design which consists of verticals vines with blue and reddish flowers. She was wearing a white hat and had a black purse which she keeps it on her lap.

After five minutes of silence, Michael thought he should say something and start a conversation. But he wasn’t that much of a talker so he couldn’t come up with a good conversation starter. Also, he thought it was strange for a woman to be alone at the side of the road this late. So he didn’t say anything, he thought if she said something then he will talk. So awkward silence continues for the rest of the drive.

Michael suddenly starts to feel chilly. He checked AC. It was off and all windows were also closed. But coolness was increasing, it was like when you just get out of a chilled river or swimming pool and stand there without a towel to dry yourself.

He watched from corner to eye, she was sitting leaning back, her head was on the window and she was probably looking at him directly. Michael suddenly averted his eyes and looks ahead, he was getting scared. He thought this is stupid, there is nothing to be scared of. He was just giving a lift to a woman. But whenever he would steal a glace, she will be looking at him. She wasn’t that strong or scary looking. But the way she would look at him was kind of weird. He thought he might have given a lift to some psycho. Michael wished when will her home will come and when will this night will end.

As if she heard him, she said to stop the car when the next house come on the way. After few seconds, Michael stops the car in front of the house. It was 2 stories house. There was no electricity or any kind of light in the house. Gate was also closed. There seems to be no one at home nor any other house in the neighbouring area. Even that empty house was also scaring him. As soon as she get out of the car and closed the car door. Michael put his foot on the accelerator and drive out on road. He didn’t wait for thank you or anything. He didn’t even look behind if she was still there. If he had, he would have seen that she was still standing on the side of the road looking at his car smiling.

The next morning, when Michael was eating breakfast which was just a cup of coffee and a sandwich. He recalls yesterday night’s incident. Now in full daylight in his house, he thought the way he acted yesterday was rubbish. There are no ghosts and even if she was psycho. He didn’t think, she could have done anything harmful to him. He was so strong and had been in some fights. It was stupid of him to get scared of strangers. Also now think of it, she didn’t seem scary to him. Next time he will make amends and probably apologize to her. He finished his breakfast and after doing some chores, he went to the office.

In the office, he forgot about yesterday as he got busy with work and meetings. But when he was coming home at night he remembered. He wished that he should not encounter that woman again doesn’t matter if she is dangerous or not. He decided that in case she was there tonight he would ignore her and keeps driving on road no matter what.

As he was coming to the same place from where he gave lift her yesterday. He saw she was standing there. A little farther from yesterday spot and closer to where the speed breaker was. He thought about what he decided earlier and keep his eyes on the road, ignoring her. As he came near to the speed breaker he slow down a little bit. But as soon as he slow down she nearly came in front of a car. He had put on the break as not to hit her. As the car stopped, she quickly got to the door and open it and sit on the seat and close the door saying thanks to Michael. It happened so fast that Michael wasn’t able to do anything in time. For a second he thought he should tell her to get out and couldn’t do it so finally, he said okay and started driving.

Michael had noticed earlier that she was wearing the same clothes as yesterday, a white dress having vertical vines as design, a white hat and she was carrying a black purse. That’s was kind of strange but he didn’t talk to her. Neither she so there was an awkward silence between them. After few minutes pass Michael feel like there is getting cold in the car. He tried to glance at her through the corner of his eye. She was comfortably sitting in her seat. She was looking at him and smiling. This time, he didn’t avoid her stare but still keeps looking at her through the corner of his eye.

As he was looking at her, he started to hear voices. They seemed like coming from far away, with lots of voices. After listening too much he realised those aren’t any voices but screams of people. Then he look at the bag she was holding. Screams were coming from that bag.

It’s like people were trapped in bags and screaming for help. As he was passing through mountains and moon came out of clouds. Michael look at her face, it had turned into something different. Her eyes were red like’s rubies. He had never seen eyes like these before, her skin has become white pale. She was still smiling at him. As she smiled at him her yellowish teeth were showing. It felt like she hasn’t brushed in ages. Her hairs were free which were as dark as night but you could still see her ears which were long and pointy like elves.

He was petrified, he thought he should just open a door and jump out of his car. And get out of this mess. But as soon as he could act something came over in his head. It was like a headache where he couldn’t think of anything but still, various thoughts come pouring in. It felt like someone or something is trying to take control. His eyes became white and wet. It was just intense agony that he left his hands from the wheel and start scratching his face.

He couldn’t see what was in front of his car. As he was scratching his face and hair, the car went off the road. Michael realised this and he stomped on the brake but it was too late. His car crashed into a big rock ahead. As Airbag filled his entire face, something else filled his entire mind. And he went totally blank.

A few days later cops will find his wrecked car abandon nearby road as they are searching for missing Michael. The car will be locked, as usual, with nothing missing in it apart from Michael’s body. After searching the nearby area they won’t find his body or any traces of where he did go.


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