Short Stories Writing

A Witch in Mountain [A Short Story]

Dawn was beginning to turn from grey to orange at the approach of the sun. Birds were coming out of their nests and starting to sing sweet songs for this lovely morning. Little animals and insects were also making noise declaring that day was finally up. The fog was clearing up as the first rays of the sun are coming from the horizon. The ground was still a little bit wet from fog which was giving a pleasant aroma.

Paul was looking over a mountain while taking shit behind bushes. Mountain was so tall, that its peak was surrounded by white clouds. Mountain was also thickly wooded. Filled with greenery and at the top surrounded by clouds was a beautiful sight to see. Though its mountain’s name wasn’t that beautiful. It was called The Witch Lair or even some people would call it The Witch’s Ass.  As there was an old woman who people say live in a cave near the top of the mountain. A lot of rumours had been circulated about her nearby towns.  she presumed to be 300 years old, who called herself the best sorceress in the world. She supposedly cures diseases that normal healers won’t be a cure. 

she would tell your future if you meet her with gifts or coins. Her predictions are considered to be very accurate though she would tell mostly bad things which will happen to you. She had been living in this cave for a few years before she had probably come from West. Though from where exactly from West she had come, nobody knew about it. Some say she had come from desert kingdoms whose city and places reside in rocky mountains surrounding by big deserts. Some say she had come from the southwest where there are said to be exotic islands filled with wildlife and dangerous pirates. Some fool even claimed that she came for hell below the earth.

That’s what Paul and his friends had heard from town. They had thought about visiting her before moving on next town for their journey. While Paul was taking a dump behind bushes, He thought he should hurry up or his friends will get mad. Mountain was so tall and it would take nearly half a day to summit. They were supposed to start climbing this mountain before sunrise.  Though they did arrive before sunrise at the base of the mountain. After just a few minutes of climbing Paul has told them to stop as he had badly wanted to take a shit. So he gave reins of his horse to his friends and went to take shit behind some bushes. Last night in innkeep he had drunk too much wine. Though he had gone to the toilet as soon as he woke up early in the morning. It seems he had still some unfinished business to do.

 He finished his business and clean himself afterwards. Then he picked up his cloak and sword named Wind he had kept aside. He always keeps the sword near to him, no matter what the situation. Even when he slept he would keep it near him. Whenever his friends will mock him, he would tell them that this was a family sword. It has been passed down by his ancestors for various generations. But when asked about his family, he won’t say much about them.

As he came on the trail where his friends Roland and Jack were waiting beside their horses. Jack was seated under the shade of an oak tree reading a book. He had read many books on many things. When Pual reached the tree.  Jack stood up and put his book in the bag he was carrying on his shoulder. He called out to Roland. Roland came out of the bushes. Roland had a bow in hand and quiver fasted to his back. He probably had gone for some game. 

Paul asked, “Did you find anything” ” well nothing maybe we will find it in the upper region,” Roland said. They unfasten their horses and started climbing mountains. 

“Will she know that we are coming? If she can see future”, Paul asked. There were riding in the queue as the path going upwards was short. Roland as ahead, after him Jack and last was Paul. Jack said, “We will know once we get there.”

Jack doesn’t like to talk when there are travelling. There were nearly half done climbing the mountain. 

Few hours past midday they reached the cave on the top of the mountain. They all got down from their horses and tied them to nearby trees. As they come closer to the cave they realised that cave wasn’t like a cave you saw every day. As there was no opening for a cave. There was a door but it was carved into stone in front of a cave. Roland tried to pull the door open but it won’t move. He looked at the other two asking what should we do now. Paul said “how about knocking first” he moves closer to the door and knocking door said, “Hey, we’re here to see our fortune, open the door”. Nothing happened for few seconds the something creak and the door open slightly, Paul look at Roland and Jack, smiled. They went into the cave one by one through that door.

Inside, there was space enough for the big room. At one corner there was a big fluffy bed. Lanterns were lit at various places. But darkness and shadows were dominant in the cave. The big fluffy bed was there at a corner of the cave while at the opposite corner there was a hearth and some kind of kitchen. In the middle of the cave, there was a table and chair. She was sitting at chair, smiling and waving at them to come closer. Her hairs were long and black. She was wearing a white gown which was somewhat transparent that you could see through it in lantern light. They all got nearer to table. She asked “who wants to know their future first”. Paul responded “It will be me”. She produced a bowl filled with water and a knife from under the table. She gave knife to Paul and told him cut and drop some blood in water.

Both roland and Jack stood at sides of table. Paul held knife in his right hand and was just about to cut palm of other hand when he stopped and ask her ” Can you see my past using this?”. She just sat there looking and smiling at him.

Paul smiled and at his cue, all three lurched forward to her. She mumbled something and as all three got pushed backwards landing on their backs. She stood and said loudly ” you are not the first ones who come here to capture me?”. She walked towards Paul. Paup got up and throw a knife at her. She waves her hand and the knife went in a different direction. Paul pull out his sword from the sheath and held it in both hands. Around the corner, Roland sat up and shoot an arrow towards the witch. She heard movement and instantly diverted the arrow towards Paul. Paul deflected with his sword and moves forward. Roland takes out another arrow from the quiver. And she made move to divert again but this time she got pushed large force. She looks behind Jack was standing with his open hands. Arrow pierced through her right shoulder. She hadn’t accepted that one of them was also a sorcerer. As she murmured spell and diverted her towards him when another arrow hit her and Paul also slice her sword and decapitated her. Her head dropped to the floor and rolled to the table. Paul thought that was an easy one. 

They took her head and put it in the bag. They have to show it Lord so they can claim the award. Paul thought this was an easy one she didn’t make any extra effort. They didn’t take anything else from the cave. They came out of the cave and climb her horses and started descending the mountain. Tonight they will probably sleep at some good tavern.


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