thejourneyofbookworld is the book blog. Here you will find various book reviews and other related content.

Hello Welcome to my blog. I wanted to talk a little about me. I am vighnesh gawad. I love reading. It doesn’t matter if it’s a novel or nonfiction book or comic or blog posts. If I can read it then I will read it.

Aside from reading, I am a developer, when I get bored or exhausted writing code, I just sit or lay on my bed and open kindle, and start reading books.
It was hard to keep track of books when you read so much, that’s why I created a Goodreads account so I can have a list of all the books I read available. you can check that out here.

To me, reading is like leaving our the world and enter a new world where books stories are real like the book world. so In this blog, I wanted to share the journey of this book world, give reviews of books I read. Many more that I haven’t thought about it yet.