Short Stories Writing

The day I met my her [A Short Story]

It was Friday, I leave the office early that day. Avoiding my boss while you getting out of the office was kind of hard, I managed it. There was nothing special that day but the next 2 days were holidays so I just thought I would slack off and go home to sleep in my comfy bed. Every week sitting in front of the computer doing work is kind of boring and depressing. So there was always excitement for going home on Friday. You kind of forget about Monday where you wake up early and go to work at a meaningless job and then every other day you wait for Friday to come. Later on Friday, you try to leave early and the cycle continues.

As I reached the train station, the sun was setting behind the buildings. There was a chill in the air despite daylight is still there. It is not like coldness depends on daylight but generally, you get cold at the end of the evening or start of the night.  Still, it was ironic as a few hours an earlier day was so hot that you wouldn’t want to go outside. I walked downstairs and came up to the platform where my train will come. 

 I had reached the train station early, It will take 10-15 minutes when my train will come if it came on time or else a little longer. There wasn’t much of a crowd now. I search the empty bench and sat down while scrolling through Instagram. It is a kind of time wasted when you open any social media app and doesn’t find anything interesting. So you scroll down a little further, telling yourself just a few seconds till you find something interesting after that you will close the app. But after a few seconds, there is still nothing interesting so you think why not a few seconds more as you already wasted a few seconds before. So you scroll more and more when you finally realised that you have now wasted a lot of minutes. I exited out of the Instagram app and put my phone in my trouser pocket. There was still some time for the train to come. I looked sideways around the platform, aside from people waiting for the train, nothing was there to look at.  I thought I should take out my phone and look for something interesting than thought never mind it is better to waste time looking at what people doing around you instead of looking at what people doing on your mobile. At least doing the former will not ruin my eyes forever. I had already ruined many things in my life and I could not afford more.

I looked around the crowd had gotten bigger. You could see everyone was tired but at the same time excited to go home. As I looked at it as I realised I noticed someone on my right side. As I looked again I saw her. There she was in a reddish Top and black jeans having a grey backpack on her shoulders. How many years had been when I last saw her? 3-4 years? I probably saw her on the last day of college. And I had decided to finally talk to her that day after just looking at her for over a year.  She was with her friend’s group. At that time I wasn’t much confident or very social guy. Even today I am not but have improved a lot after these 3-4 years working at my job. So I couldn’t muster enough confidence to near that group. So I hadn’t talked to her that day due to her friends. T thought I will get mocked or laughed at me. I  thought maybe this isn’t the right time  I can meet her another time or maybe another day which never came later on.

 Now she was standing close to the edge of the platform looking across the track to see if the train has come or not. As she probably realised that she isn’t able to see the train coming yet she back off a little bit from the edge of the platform.

Though few minutes before there had been announced through the speaker that the train will reach the platform in 5 minutes. I looked up at the indicator on the left side of me. with 2 minutes remaining for the train to come. I wonder how they calculate this time or is it real-time tracking. Or they just put approximately some digits in an indicator. I looked at the place where she was standing. And such a coincidence that she was also looking at a place where I sat. We held gaze for a few seconds but for me, those seconds felt like minutes. I was blank and I didn’t know what to should I be doing right that moment. There was nothing in my brain. She then gave me slight smile and looked away tried to see if a train has come or not.

Everyone deserves a second chance. And this is probably my second and last chance to finally talk to the girl I like. Maybe, later on, I might get to meet her. So I should not let go of this chance as last time. I decided no matter how much I feel anxious I will go and introduce myself and start a conversation. Though I did feel nervous at that moment it is not like I didn’t have the conversation before with anyone. I would act calm and cool.  Even if in the worst case scenario she didn’t want to talk to me, at least I would break my comfort zone and made effort to do something much better than nothing.

Using my hands I temporary fixed my hair somewhat. I checked my shirt if anything is wrong with it though even if it were I can’t do anything much about it. After that, I get out of my chair.  As I stand up from my place, I heard a loud noise from the horn. So finally the train has reached on time. The crowd had also become bigger. Many people are coming on the platform to catch the train. you always wonder where these people were hidden before this, as the train comes every one comes out of their hole and gathers on the platform.    As I was looking at her. I noticed something unusual which probably others aren’t aware of it. As there was a lot of commotion and crowd that nobody was paying attention to anything other than themselves. All were in hurry to get on the train and go home. As I was watching her, to me it was all visible.

Someone in a black hoodie with black pants was behind her. I couldn’t see his face was slowly moving towards her. It was strange that someone will wear those clothes at the time of evening. That person got closer to her and just as the train was passing near them, he pushed her. She screamed mostly out of shock at what had happened and what was about to happen but quickly it was silenced by an oncoming train. As people realised what had happened they started screaming for the rain to stop.  The train had slowed down but still, there was enough speed to crush whatever was in front of it. After an ew seconds train stopped.  Whatever remains under that train probably can’t be saved. Damage has been done.

The train stopped, people all around started looking down about what happened to her. People were gathering at that spot to get a look at what had happened. If there is anything that remains under the train. I was stunned as I started looking at the spot where she was. I didn’t know what to do. I wanted to scream but no voice didn’t come out of my mouth. I wanted to run to that spot to check if she is there but my body didn’t move from the spot. I felt nothing inside me. It had happened so suddenly.

I looked around and I saw that hoodie guy was withdrawing himself from the crowd, he got out of the crowd and moved towards the exit of the train station. Nobody was paying attention to him. Why would they? Probably nobody saw him push her in front of the train except me. Now he was getting away with murder but No I won’t let that happen. I took two long breaths and shake myself and started following the hoodie guy.  

He was walking fast enough that somebody won’t be suspicious of him but still It was fast, so I had to keep pace with him. I thought about calling the police. I was so angry at that moment that I decided I will do that when I captured the hoodie and confront him about why he did it. As he walked he would sometimes look back from the corner of his eye to see if someone is following him. He existed train station and turned to West. As he walked on the footpath, alongside large buildings, his walking speed got slower.  There weren’t that many people on the street so I also had to slow a bit down. Unless he became aware of me, and run. 

He turned and enter the left alley. As I got to the alley, I saw he had a tablet in hand and typing something in it. As I also enter the alley, we both look at each other. And both had the look of horror as if we had seen something which we shouldn’t have seen it. It wasn’t he, I had assumed wrong, It was she. But that’s not what shocked me. What shocked me was that she was victoria. Or rather someone who exactly looked like her was standing in front of me in an alley with a big tablet in hand. This was the second time, I froze, I didn’t know what to do. 

She cursed, ” Oh shit, you weren’t supposed to see me” and started typing on a tablet. She had the same voice, she mannerisms on how she used to do work when she gets frustrated in class. Has she had a twin sister that I do not know. I got close to her and grabbed her wrist which had a tablet in it. I asked, ” Who are you”.  She wrestled to get her hand out of her grip and tried to get run away. It was a futile effort as I had grip very tough and I also grabbed her shoulder with others unless she got free. I asked, ” Who are you? And why did you push her”. 

She replied, “It’s none of your concern” as she still struggled to take her hand out of grip. She stamped on my leg. I grime and remove my hand from her shoulder and tried to push her aside. As I was going to do this, I accidentally clicked on a tablet with my fingers. everything went blank for a second or two. I closed my eyes and open again.

This is the third time in a day I froze and don’t know what to do or say. It felt like this is must dream. I released my grip from her hand and take two steps away from her.  The Streets and people all had vanished before my eyes. We were not in street anymore. We were on a kind of empty floor of the abandoned building.

There was no one here aside from the two of us. I looked at her horrified. She passed her hands through her hair and dropped the hood. she walked in a circle a few steps in frustration. Then She looked into my eyes and said, ” I can explain”


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