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Book Review: Atheism: A Very Short Introduction by Julian Baggini

“If we pretend or imagine that life’s purpose lies outside living itself, we will be searching the stars for what is underneath our feet all the time.”

Oxford University Press has short introductions book series. Where every book gives you a short introduction to a specific topic. There are many others books like this which focus on capitalism, evolution etc. If you are atheist or agonistic or if you are not sure. This book will be a great help to you. This book gives an introduction about what exactly is atheism. How it differs from others. This book cleared many doubts and query I had about atheism. 

In the middle of the book, it becomes very much philosophical about atheism and religion. It also gives a short history of atheism Which to me seems a little bit boring. As It is a short introduction book, it gives few arguments about atheism and against god but it covers briefly each argument. Though the book is short, the content in this book very much clearly explained various arguments and suspicion around atheism. It also gives other references or books to read about more on topics. Writing is simple as it’s not like an academic book and it doesn’t go in-depth into philosophical stuff. Which was good as this was a short introduction book. It books divided into sections where the first author explained what is atheism. Arguments about atheism, how to find ethics and meaning of life in atheism, atheism in history, if it is against religion or not. In each section, the author covers various topics briefly to give us a clear picture.

Though the book is doesn’t explain everything in detail, it gives a good short introduction to atheism.  I liked this book. I will check out the different book from this series if there are good.

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